Tips and tricks for planting small, carpeting plants

Making carpeting plants stay in place can be a real struggle. In this video, I discuss some tips and tricks to hold them in place until they have time to establish, as well as how to plant them.
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Crazy Aquatics says:

nice work there.. the idea of hair pins and plants is really helpful..thanks and keep up the nice work.

LIL JESS says:

those hair pins are metal i thought you cant put metal in a tank?

Craig Begley says:

Hey Rachel I just wanna say that I love the videos! I run a great group on Facebook called ‘Aquariums Ireland & U.K’ – Anyone is welcome from around the world! Please feel free to check us out and share your videos! 🙂

Shadow_Grey_Fox says:

Glad I could meet you at the show on Sunday!

DMAN D says:

How should keep the sword they look amazing if you dwarf them!I have a ”bonsai” amazon sword in my shrimp tank and it looks great.

Paul Chippington says:

Your Tangerine Tigers are awesome, hair pins great idea. Thank you. Plug in timers would be lost without mine on all my tanks. Gel medium plants so much easier than rock wool.

I Rate Your Comments says:

awesome tip! You really are the best YouTuber for aquarium and fish.

Gabriel V says:

Awesome tank you did in Chicago. Saw it on Aquarium Co-Op’s channel and I am impressed how it came out. You really should give yourself more credit then you do when it comes to landscaping. Where most people go for the super clean and manicured look yours just looks way more natural. Your planted tanks in my honest opinion look awesome.

Morgan Ruttle says:

Great tip with the bobby pins. But do you have to eventually remove them?

Nani Udall says:

Yes, the U shaped hairpins have an anti-rust coating on them. Also, if you are worried about the metal with shrimp, try using a poly-filter sponge. Same thing they use in kidney dialysis machines.
Rachel, you are my favorite guru! The hair pin tip is amazing because securing carpeting plants always makes me spit and swear! Thank you!

Shaden0040 says:

Using the hair pins is a genius idea! Much better than trying to use lead weight strips.

Daniel Gonzalez says:

I think metal is bad for shrimps. Don’t you think Too many hair pins in a tank can be bad for them?. Thank you

Allison Pets says:

Awesome tip!! Will definitely try it some day!

Anthony Ragan says:

That hairpin tip will come in very handy. I often use eco-complete, so the gravel size is decent. I often find myself having to replant stem plants.

SlippedBuck says:

Thanks! I just needed something to hold down my carpet plants!

Jon Snow says:

did you use substrate??what kind of that?

Something Fishy Juno says:

you’re one of my favorites! you’re so unassuming but very knowledgeable.

Rob Jamieson says:

love the hair Rachel!!! great vid like always

AgentPedestrian says:

your channel is really getting me pumped for getting an aquarium (i’ve never had one but i’ve thought about it for upwards of ten years). but i’m gonna move away to a dorm this year or the next and just don’t have the time to cultivate anything right now and it’s just… not really helping the desire at all haha. but i love your videos a lot. lots of good tips and tricks. although most of it’s of course from a base of your ginormous setup i can still understand how they’d apply to a smaller newbie setting. your speaking voice is clear and easily understandeable and i love that you incorporate latin names of fish and plants which make them easy to look up even when i live in a different country!

Byron Small says:

Can I put a dwarf puffer in a tank this size?

g Josué moir cerna says:

I was panicking when my new cultures started floating all over, the I remembered your bobby pin trick, O’leary saved the day!

jay dee says:

Always have great tips love this one. But my favorite one and has worked plop and drop method. Thanks for your tips a tricks.

DQ says:

I use Stone Beads that match the Substrate and Dental Floss to hold Plants. A Tongs and a CHOPSTICK work to Hold and Push a Plant into the Soil, release with the tong while Holding the plant down with the chopstick. I also rubberband a plastic ice cream Taster spoon to a long dowel as a rake or heat and bend 90 Deg. to make a tiny shovel.

eddiekytia says:

Hi rachel! Wanted to know your opion…is there a culture plant that will spread well into a full carpeting in eco complete without co2 and just liquid ferts and root tabs? If so can you name me 1 or 2…..thank you so much…o….by the way i wanted to do a small 5gallon planted with just shrimp but want to get a couple different beautiful colored shrimp can you point me in a direction to buy them….again….thanks rachel!!!

Eric Adams says:

wont those rust or corrode after time?

J Lathem says:

cool tip Rachel. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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