In this video I give you guys and gals my TOP 5 Favorite Low Tech Carpeting Plants! Please Subscribe if you enjoy this video!


A.C. Aquatics says:

Great informational video as always!! You could not have explained those plants any better. I have a dwarf sag that was given to me from Han at Han Aquatics and it’s actually a true dwarf sag that only grows about 2in tall. Apparently there’s 2 different types of dwarf sag and the “true” dwarf sag is rare. Thanks for sharing and as always Do what you do if it works for you.

Learning To Fish Keep says:

Awesome informational video man! Dwarf hairgrass or dwarf sag is probably my favorite carpeting plant so far. Haven’t messed with baby tears

Matt Medina says:

Like your tanks man you inspire me to start my first planted tank I hope your get more subscribers man

Debarshi Majumdar says:

let me explain why some people find it easy to grow HC without CO2 and some don’t. Water “holds” more co2 when it’s cold. Co2 degasses quickly with increasing temperature. therefore, for people living in the temperate zones – japan, uk, canada etc. shouldn’t find it too challenging to grow HC without CO2. / nontheless, the plant itself is sensitive to higher temperatures (i.e. not just the co2 level in water column). i live in a tropical zone in india. i cannot grow HC without air conditioning irrespective of adding co2 or not. personally, i don’t like the use of co2 in any kind of set-up. my HC grows without co2 @ 22 degree centigrade. / and yes, it needs ample lighting. ensure that the heat from the light itself is not too much to handle for the plant. keep the light source a bit away from the water, but use strong lighting. thanks.

dbachelor's Planted Aquarium says:

great top 5 man! liked them all

Happy fins and nature says:

Informative. Thanks for sharing, but HC is not an easy growing plants. It needs a high light and also the temperature matters a lot to it.

Jose Montalvo says:

Excellent video! Enjoyed watching! I like the information you give about each plant should a person be interested. I subscribed and put notifications on, so that I won’t miss another great video of yours. Thank you for sharing! Godspeed!

Jedi Katie says:

Very helpful information❤️
I been wanting to do a planted tank for a long time!!

k9feces says:

Dwarf hair grass grows great in low tech high light. I had a 2.5 gallon that looked so good with it.

Miền Tây Phiêu Lưu says:

280 new friend,,,,,. nice video

Jesper Söderberg says:

Great vidoe! Also, awesome tank!

Richard Portelli says:

Is that a heater in full view in that tank?

Will Ed says:

I plan on getting Dwarf Sag soon. To get the carpet affect so they propagate and don’t grow tall, would you say 12-14 hours of light? Along with root tabs and liquid fertilizer?

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