How To Remove Old Carpet And Cut Carpeting

If you try to remove old carpet without thinking first, then it will take you a lot longer to remove carpeting than you planned. Hi DIY friends, today we are going to show you How To Remove Carpet From Floors And How to Cut Carpeting after removing it.

Let’s begin our DIY carpet removal!

Removing old carpet is not on our list of fun things to do on a Saturday , it’s old carpeting, it’s nasty carpet, it’s sticky carpet, but it has to go and this is your mission. So let’s look at how how to remove old carpet, and just do it, get her done!

Warning for sensitive people or if you have asthma:
Before you begin carpet removing you might want to wear a mask, because ripping up old carpet during the removal process releases dirt and dust in the area you were removing old carpeting.

Tearing up old carpet

Removing old carpet starts with the right tool to cut carpet and it’s a fairly inexpensive $8 carpet cutting knife tool. Always buy the better metal carpet slicing tool, not the cheap plastic carpet cutters. You’ll need this for successful carpet removal.

To rip up the wall to wall carpet from a room, we usually grab the rug with pliers by the corner of the room, ripping it up off the nailed carpet tacks that hold the carpeting down to the floor. Then we fold the carpeting over about 3 feet, or whatever is manageable, to reveal the canvas textured back side, that is what you have to slice and rip up off the floor.

This is what wall to wall carpet removing is all about folks, you flip over 3 feet at a time, slice it from one end of the room to the other, rip up the carpet, then roll it up into 3 foot wide rolls, and secure the roll with tape, and then begin removing the old carpet. These tips also work for removing carpeting from stairs, the perfect width rolls of carpet once you get them all removed.

removing carpets is tricky only if you fail to pay attention to our carpet removing advice in this video.

You won’t have to ask anymore how do I remove carpet, because you’ll be the DYI expert on carpet removal. After you take out the carpeted floor, then you have to take out the carpet, literally!

If you are in a condo, you might be able to put remove the old cut carpeting and toss it in the dumpster, or if they don’t allow it, leave the old carpet next tot he dumpster on bulk trash pickup day, or see if you can dump off that old stank nasty dirty filthy carpet at a city dump.

So now you know how to remove carpeting quickly, and easily. And don;t forget, it’s too much trouble trying to cut up carpet pads, so just fold them in half and roll them up. Congratulations, you are now a DIY carpet removal expert.

Let us know in the comments below your strategies that worked well for removing carpets and cutting carpet.


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What useful strategies did you use for ripping up your old carpet?
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