How to Quiet Squeaky Carpeted Floors

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows a homeowner how to silence squeaks in a carpeted room. (See the shopping list, tools, and steps below.)

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Shopping List for How to Quiet Squeaky Carpeted Floors:
– Floor-squeak repair kit []

Tools for How to Quiet Squeaky Carpeted Floors:
– Hammer
– Cordless drill
– Tape measure
– Screws, to mark joist locations
– Nylon string, used to indicate floor joists

Steps for How to Quiet Squeaky Carpeted Floors:
1. Tap the carpeted floor with a hammer and listen for a dull thud sound, which indicates the location of a floor joist.
2. Drive a long screw from the kit through the carpeting and subfloor to confirm that there’s a joist below.
3. If the screw misses a joist, back it out and try again until you hit a joist. Leave the screwhead sticking up an inch or so.
4. Once you’ve located the first joist, measure over every 16 inches to find the other floor joists along one wall.
5. Drive one screw into the floor every 16 inches across the room to mark the joist locations. Again, be sure to leave the screwheads protruding a little.
6. Transfer the location of the screws across to the other side of the room.
7. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 to pinpoint the joists along the opposite wall.
8. Tie a nylon string to the first screwhead and stretch it across the carpet and around the screwhead protruding from the floor at the opposite side of the room.
9. Loop the string around and stretch it along the next joist. Continue in this manner until you’ve stretched the string back and forth across the room, indicating the position of each joist.
10. Remove the special screw-driving bit from the floor-squeak repair kit and chuck it into a cordless drill.
11. Stand the kit’s depth-control fixture over the string and directly over a floor joist.
12. Insert a scored screw from the kit into the center hole in the fixture.
13. Push down on the fixture, then use the drill to drive in the screw until it bottoms out.
14. Slip the protruding screwhead into the slot in the fixture. Then rock the fixture side to side to snap off the screw.
15. Move down the string 12 to 16 inches and drive in another screw. Use the fixture to snap off the screw.
16. Continue in this manner along each joist, spacing the screws 12 to 16 inches apart.
17. Pick up and discard all the snapped-off screwheads.

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Original Texan says:

ever walk around barefoot. it will hurt real bad when you step on a broken screw from a faulty process. PULL CARPET BACK AND DO THE RIGHT WAY

Symon says:

“I’m going to fix your floorboards without pulling up the carpet!”
“Sounds great! No need to pull up the carpet?”
“Well, I’ll be drilling 100s of holes in the carpet which *will* wreck it. Probably worse as the integrity will be ruined. Still cool though, yeah?”
“Get DAFUQ outta my house!”

CyberSpaceCoyote says:

how to ruin your carpet

David Sanders says:

Don’t use long screws…you could hit wires or plumbing. All you need is 1-5/8″ screws.

John Dillinger says:

Don’t do this on a Berber rug…. you will pull rows right out and ruin your carpet.

Rob Man says:

How does this solve a squeak? The screw has a few threads that are buried in the joist. That leaves an unthreaded shaft with no head on it. Isn’t that essentially what the lose nail is?

Bcav Ebay says:

What is the name and brand of the special screws and tool ? Where do I get it ?

Alonzoe Johnson says:

don’t drill through carpet…..not good……

BigDuke6ixx says:

Then a couple of months later…do it again.

tony h says:

get this guy off here.What a load of £$%%% Roll the carpet up man. You’re drilling into the unknown.High risk of drilling pipes cables.I am a joiner and if i lay floors i always mark on the boards any pipes etc for people to see.This way is just asking for disaster.

charlie farley says:

excelent ….just keep a plumber and sparks number to hand

Mickey Powell says:

What if there are pipes or electrical cables.. ?????

Alonzoe Johnson says:

tri pod driver….. silver tool used……got it

Ernest Hemingway says:

Bitch, stop shaking your baby!

gc19901 says:

long screws, what about any pipes and cables underneath. terrible advise. he must have a screw loose

dannydaw59 says:

Can I just pull the carpet up and use a stud finder to find the joists and put a screw in there instead of possibly drilling through a pipe?

Chris ward says:

Ugh I’m just gonna bang your floor with this hammer and get my drill and put this big screw in through your carpet mmmm

qazwsx edcrfv says:

So the answer is drill lots of holes in your carpet.

rvsrsr1 Bad says:

what in the hell is the tool called and where do you get it. this video doesn’t help if  you cant find the tool.

qazwsx edcrfv says:

Why didnt he just sell her noise supression foam etc, he would have made more money from that dodgy squeeking floor he installed last month and then put a Yak and Persion carpet over the top.

Sarunas Brz says:

This video been so long in my recomendations that i finnaly come to watch it

Physical Cliff says:

My rental property floor was squeaky in the kitchen, living room and hallway. This product fixed the kitchen and living room. Now I have another property I am working on and viewed this video as a refresher.

mybluebelly says:

I don`t get it. I used magnets to mark all the nails wtih a magic marker. The squeaks though come from right in the middle of the two joists, so don`t come tell me the nail is the problem.

Country Man says:

I love the way he screws straight threw the carpet into the joist. Top job mate! Lol!!

Young Suk says:

woah that’s fantastic

Kristian G says:

Why people even let you inside their houses/backyards ? You shouldn’t even have license to do any type of home improvement. This is dumbest thing i ever seen.

Jeff Stanley says:

About that 16 inch on centers thing. I was attaching something to a wall in my house. I located the first stud and then aligned a tape measure as shown and put a mark every 16 inches. I found three more and then nothing was there. No stud. The stud was only 10 inches from the last one found. The next stud was only 14 inches from this one. I had to carefully drill two new holes into a barn door rod to match the studs in the wall. The house is 11 years old. I have no idea why it was like this.

Daf says:

Screwed straight through the central heating pipe lol……….(“,)

Gr8 M9ds says:

I could never get away with wearing my boots in a customers home. How rude.

Manish Pradhan says:

Just wow. Thanks for sharing!

Steve Sunderhaus says:

Would it be a good idea to use a Kreg tool against the joist from the basement side having no ceiling? Flip flopping each side of the joist. What length of screw would you use and would they hold?

Jing Zhu says:

It’s rented, they both wore shoes on carpet.

john doe says:

OMG hahahahahaha, im a sparky. thx for the extra work this must cause. squeaky floor easy fix… hahaha most retarded video i have ever seen.

bestamerica says:

how come construction is not doing good job on the floor stud wood…
first stud then wood floor on the stud and use screw with square driver flathead…
not air tool punch hammer nail or not handle hammer with plain nail…
that is not good idea…
better use real screw…
construction is a big failer company and cheat

Emmanuel Namikaze says:

Great Idea. I know the screw are mad to go a certen depth so they don’t go threw any cross cable or piping but unless you built the house your damn self you cant be sure. but 90% of the time your in the clear you wont hit anything as long as you not in that 10%

chill pill says:

hmm why is there water coming through down stairs. Erm I must’ve screwed through a water pipe. shit!

derek blake says:

By the time you did all that, you may as well of just lifted the carpet!!

Peter Durrant says:

what about cables or pipes running under the floor un-likley to hit them but a possibility plus any major problems under the floor later big expense raisng the boards

seeamerica1 says:

What year were regulations started when joists had to be 16″ apart? My place was built in 1930, were the joist still measured at that length? Thanks!

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