How To Install Carpet On Stairs

How to install carpet on stairs “waterfall” style.


Filo Fitch says:

Yeah sure, the client asked you to do a half-arsed job. People are going to kick the riser and under the nosing which will loosen the whole carpet. Deathtrap waiting to happen.

Bernadette Husch says:

I’ve found great handbook on woodprix website. Good solutions for everyone I think

Paul M says:

U make it look easy. I just need to learn how to reattach mine.

Yes No says:

well done

body khan says:

pokemon movie lucario credofy shakti

Louis Holland says:

That had to be bad on knees has to be a BETTER way or new invention kicker.

Joe Doe says:

The carpet on my stairs desperately needs replacing and I cannot afford to hire someone to do it. Is this something I can do myself if I have never ever done any home repair (outside of hanging curtains and painting)? I have no skills and work in administration in the medical field so this is way out of my comfort zone. Sucks having to DIY when you don’t know what you are doing but no other choice..budget and all that. The video makes it look relatively simple but I’m sure that won’t be the case once I get started (I can already hear the profanity I’ll be spewing in my head). I haven’t looked under the present carpet but it’s a townhouse made very cheaply so I can only imagine what kind of crap they used for stairs. I could just walk into Lowe’s or Home Depot but it would be like walking into a used car lot, I will have SUCKER written across my forehead. SIGH!

Rob Farris says:

Wish i had a buck for every step i done..32 years worth.

sausage man says:

I fit my stairs Top down and use just my bolster, It’s the fastest way and puts the least amount of wear and tear on your body. Fuck doing bottom to top with the stretcher!!

Olive Muriithi says:

and strip on the side is optional not necessary and his pad is fine because if you really stretch it like he is doing it will be tight and stay tight again the only way this could lead to a problem is people who are not really stretching their carpet just pulling it tight which from the way it sounds most of you are doing but your going to have more problems than that really that will be the least of your concerns when your work starts wrinkling up but I really should shut up because as long as y’all keep doing these things I wont ever have any real competition

Kurto Malerto says:

Two things cross my mind here
!. How many times do you miss the bolster and hit your hand??
” I start from top of stairs .you dont need a kicker that way
Heyho gimme a job in USA as im sooo wanting to leave England.
30 years experiance fitting carpets…..

A Naughty Tree says:

I’ve never seen a set of steps done like that before… unique.

ravi kulthia says:

This is very helpful Sir. I am going to do in the exactly same way. Cannot thank you enough. God bless you!

Diablo Ruin says:

I’m 12 and wanting to be a carpenter like my dad, so with his supervision and help I’m gonna try this.

Your Flooring says:

dude put some kneepads on ive been doing flooring for 12 years I do everything mostly carpet and sheet goods vinyl etc. but I couldn’t imagine kicking rug without pads nice work tho cheers from Canada

Fobt smashers best pal says:

Why on earth are you using a kicker on stairs

Lee Fitchett says:

Start from the top, a lot easier, then u won’t need to us ur staple gun and leave holes in the pile.if u don’t want holes staple between the pile, u yanks and ur staple guns!

fdsewr fdsghfdwe says:


lordcrumb07 says:

We have to put carpet gripper on the sides, which always adds more work trying to get stretch across.

MusicFerLife12 says:

This saved my ass!

TheGermanMuscle says:

this dude is good!

sausage man says:

I always fit top down with a 16oz hammer and bolster and no stretcher and my stairs are just as tight as stairs fitted bottom to top with a stretcher. I even changed fitting my stairs from bottom to top for a while and I don’t like it, I found it was harder on my body using the stretcher plus it made life a lot tougher when I had a stripe carpet to fit maybe that’s why there isn’t one video on YouTube of someone fitting from the bottom with a stripe carpet! I worked with a guy on a stripped carpet job and he fitted one flight of stairs bottom to top and I fitted my top down I was was done in half the time and you couldn’t tell the difference between the two mine were just as tight so for me I never looked back. Maybe the other fitters that fit like Me are not getting them tight enough?

StormLaker1975 says:

I want to install my own carpeting… I got a 3-4 different estimates from local carpet dealers and they were a a wide range from $1500 up to $3000…..a little out of this working man’s budget for our town house. Can a guy rent the tools at the local rental place and accomplish this, or will I have to invest $$$ in some tools I’ll use 3-4 times?


it’s a pleasure to watch you work man keep it up

Olive Muriithi says:

and FYI whether you been doing this a year or fifty years anyone job can be picked apart everyone makes mistakes and stuff happens be blessed we all out here trying to do the same thing survive and feed our family’s

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