How to Install Carpet on Stairs – how hard is it?

I didn’t use it but a kicker is recommended:
So the big question is “how is it holding up?” Especially since I did not use a kicker or stretcher. I will keep you updated but so far it has held up perfect and that is with a ton of daily foot traffic from my 6 young kids and their friends.
The staple gun I used is nothing special and is sold fairly cheaply. It’s the Central Pneumatic 18 Gauge 2-in-1 Nailer/Stapler I listed all tools below with the links.

Tools I used:
Stair Tucking Tool:
Blades to cut the padding:
Hammer Tacker:
5/16″ Staples:
Pneumatic Stapler:
Air compressor to run the gun:

Start from the bottom and work up. The style of carpeting you see me so is ‘bullnose’ and it wraps around the lip of the step. Another style is called ‘waterfall’ and is a simpler way to carpet. It took about 5 hours for me to rip out the old carpet and install it. For me, that is right on the edge of hiring out. But I enjoy the DIY challenge so I don’t mind the work. Best of luck on your install! Let me know how it goes.


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1171karl says:

I think its looks pretty good, certainly better than the last stair carpet I laid about 10 years ago, using only tacks, which incidentally no one has ever tripped on and has never come loose.

knight Owl says:

When I first removed my carpet from the stairs, the rubber padding underneath was caked on so hard I had to scrape it off. After struggling with a scraper in the corners it would turn to dust. I eventually needed a cloth iron to heat up the rest, and then I could peel it off with a large putty or drywall knife.

AnnCross77 says:

Good job!

MrSmid888 says:

The bannister was looser than the carpet tacks lol

Edward Jones says:

you are out of you’re mind….. you are making it a lot harder, than it is.

Daniel Ballard says:

ha ha

Frazer Hipkiss says:

hope the carpet is more secure than that wobbly bannister!

Meddle & muse says:

Not only is this the wrong way to do this, those pneumatic staples will be impossible to remove when a actual professional carpet installer has to come repair your crappy work. You should take this video down as to actually help people with carpeting their stairs. Sorry but this is beyond stupid.

EXE_CORP says:

this is not how to instal carpet lol

Dirt-BikesForLife 5 says:

Why are you wearing converse

Hector Hernandez says:

I do that in 30 mins to tear out and 30 min to do

john doe says:

and just as you put your last staple in your wife walks in and says “honey i just decided i want blue carpet”. you did a nice job

Fmlyman 1012 says:

Work your way down not up when you take steps off , start your pad at the edge of the riser so you don’t have to cut each one also pre cut the width it’ll go a lot faster. no kicker?Their gonna be loose, you gotta hammer the crotch ( where the riser and tred meet in the back) you look like you were tapping it, hit that stair tool ! If you use a kicker it’s actually easier and quicker, a set of steps like those should only take you about 2 hours from beginning to end.

Tony Fennell says:

All wrong and too painful too watch, first of all it’s top down or your walking dirt over what you’re fitting. Well done for having a pop at it.

Xpert_Destroyer 4 says:

Hmm mby get normal european wood stairs ? So u dont have to do this after some years or get ceramic stairs and install a electric heating sistem under them so their heated stairs like yea that will cost much more buuuttt u will have it for 30-40 years without replacing

Danny Perkins says:

Call me next time that’s what I do for a living 845 250 3572

Jamie Harsew says:

I agree and disagree with his install but labor estate of 200 to 250 is close
Skipped steps is need a kicker plus staples on step, not many steps are same so measure each step one by one… Stairs suck so yes installers charge for the job

Mark Helland says:

Please rename this. This is not “How to install carpet on stairs”.

eddizon martinez says:

Cool seeing people try it themselves, not a bad job, but I would still recommend a professional to do it so they can look better and keep their shape over years

Will7311 S says:

This is fooking horrible.People get a pro to do all your carpet installs.It’s just gonna cost you in the long run.

rubberkas2 says:

How hard is it, I think he’s answered it himself, what a bodge job.

Rea Black says:


Frazer Hipkiss says:

underlay should run gripper to gripper!

Edward Jones says:

Please use an electric stapler not an air tool, after you stapled under the nose use a kicker to kick it back to the tack strip then use a chisel and Hammer to crease it between the face and tackstrip

Tony S. says:

Work smart, earn lots of money, pay professionals to handle your projects while you vacation and enjoy the benefits of your success.

Meddle & muse says:

I could carpet those stairs in a hour and do it the right way. However, it might take me 5 hours to remove those staples. I would charge a premium for removing those pneumatic staples.

Tourist says:

HA love the bubble chart

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