How to install carpet on stairs

Installing carpet on stairs the right way.


JTC Intl says:

Tools Needed:
Utility Knife:
Straight Edge Ruler:
Hammer Stapler:
Rubber Mallet:
Nail Gun:
Carpet Tucker:

Will7311 S says:

I stretch my stair work with a kicker,not my hand.Different strokes they say ?

Jonathan Melvin says:

Good luck trying to get the carpet back off those stairs when you want to decorate. There is enough staples in that carpet to stop you from taking it up and using it again. Also why are you stapling the carpet to the smooth edge on the tread? It is there to hold the carpet in place, hence no reason to use staples. A lot of work for no reason.

dees x says:

good job bro.

Celso Barrios says:

No tack on edges?? Not kicked to stretch?? I give it a few months for wrinkles to appear !!!

Stephen Quinn says:


iTzGeko says:

Hey i subbed feel free to sub back 🙂

Deon Leak says:

What is the name of that knife please?

CB Fall says:

Great job,Jay!!!

kevin new says:

Wats the point of the gripper if us gonna put staples in it too Defoe not the way we do stairs in uk

Cast Away says:

So glad to see a professional job like this. Thanks

Nasreen Khalid says:

Wth music, sounds like war3 has begin.

mathbles703 says:

Why do you use a separate piece for that last step at the bottom?

James Wineholt says:

I followed your video, step by step. Lol. They turned out incredible. Thanks for the video.

B Kelly says:

Why do you have a tack strip on the riser above the first tread you do? It didn’t look like you did that with the rest. I am tackling my stairs and your video was very helpful. I was just wondering about the tack strip. Thanks for the helpful video.

Lee Fitchett says:

If ur gonna do it like that start at the bottom and kicker

MsLeelee94 says:

very nice!

olds767 says:

Do you use regular staples or are they a certain gauge width length etc

Darren Dawson says:

Fab job

Matt Turnbull says:

Great video. Am about to undertake this job myself. Out of interest what gauge and length staples did you use for fixing the carpet??

Daniel Ballard says:


Smoke Dog says:

Hate when guys use tack strip on basic steps its unnecessary and actually harder and useless with small pile carpet! Plus it takes twice as long and doesn’t secure or make the step any tighter! Dont do it this way pleeeeease!

alimiller98 says:

Thank you for this!

123 D1ksout4harambe says:

Never seen someone start at the top of steps putting carpet. Lol don’t look bad though. And he’s not putting carpet and the riser. Cause he’s doing contour steps which don’t call for pad and that part. Don’t look bad at all though.

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