How to fit & install carpet into a van, VW Transporter T5

Hi, this is another video on how to fit carpet into a van, specifically in this video, a VW Transporter T5.

First and foremost, None of the songs playing are mine, all credit goes to the artists who produced these. I take no credit for the music and each song in the audio is part of a DJ mix tape, to which all songs were bought.

You will need carpet, spray adhesive, fir tree clips(I spelt wrong in my videos, oops), scissors, Stanley knife and any other bits to help you I haven’t mentioned. You can get the bits listed below:

Carpet: I needed roughly 22 msq of this to cover my LWB, there was a bit of wastage around the sliding door. You can buy carpet from here…

Adhesive: I cant remember how many cans I used in the end, i’m guessing 6 or 7 you can buy it here:

Fir tree clips: Clips to go behind the carpet, hidden to look better in my opinion. You can buy from here

Firstly get a piece long enough to go along one end. Tack/clamp up and work your way down. Pull and stretch this fabric as it can be worked very easily. Spray both the metal and the clothe and smooth out. Cut away excess around the window section to help give the carpet a more natural shape.

Trim away around the edges of where the panels will go, ensure to cut enough away where the clips will go in. Don’t leave the carpet there, cut it out so you can get access behind the panels in the future.

The same process for the barn doors. One thing though, close the door and draw a border line for where you will carpet up to. Not all of the door gets covered here, so bear this in mind.

The last long section, where the sliding door is, do separate to the sliding door.

Panels, you will see from the panels that I have hidden the fir tree clips behind the carpet as I personally thing it looks better, you can do which ever way you prefer. Please note that once these clips go it, they are quite hard to get out without breaking. So only clip in when you’re ready for it to go in.

I think that’s the lot, if you have any questions please comment, and please let me know if it helped you. Remember to check out my other how to T5 videos if you are doing up your van and need a starting point. It all helps.

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peter green says:

It would be more helpful if the process had some sort of narration instead of frigging shit music and hard to read graphics

SIMONE #508 says:

Nice work 🙂
What is the name of first song? What remix?

Jeffrey Crawley says:

Probably best viewed with the sound track off! Difficult to read the text but useful all the same – cheers!

John Reynolds says:

Halfway through I stopped learning how to do my van and started dancing

Renegade says:

was wobbing my head off to this 🙂

carot2003 says:


fergy773 says:

I’ve got my groove on.

James Neville says:

what foil lining did you put on the wheel arches?

timothy790110 says:

Will this stop a cold bridge/condensation?

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