CARPETING THE WALLS | van conversion | Volkswagen T4 Transporter

Welcome to DAY 8 of our van conversion! We initially wanted to build the bed and cabinet today but didn’t have time, so we carpeted everything instead. Thanks to Kuba for helping me film this vlog.

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1jackieworcs says:

Carpet looks good – van is looking much cosier now – best from the UK

Cal Calvert says:

I have a question for the next Van Q&A day: What are you going to do about the windows? I know nothing about van life, but do you plan on leaving the orange tape or taking it off? Will you try and tint your windows or will you try and DIY some curtains? Love the informative videos and advise ❤️

Gina D says:

Looks great – good job 🙂

Samantha Smith says:

It looks so great! You guys work so well together 🙂

Telluwide says:

I’m looking forward to seeing how you are going to incorporate Van living with staying in AirBnB’s when needed. I think most Van lifers totally just live in their vans whereas you two may create a hybrid of sorts. I think a mix of living in the Van, doing AirBnB’s and Housesitting will give you flexibility with so many different possibilities, especially Housesitting in more harder to reach areas if you choose to. 🙂

Art KTM990R says:

Hi you 2 how are you guys I’m in Canada Ontario and I have a 1999 gmc van you guys should watch( CheapRVliving) to get good ideas.Im from Poland Bialystok. in Canada sense 1988 so I don’t remember much I was wondering if you can tell me the difference between USA

thejonesexperience says:

Looks good guys!
Are you gonna have a a make shift toilet/bucket with saw dust and soil/earth?

VoteGreen says:

It’s so much fun watching you two work together. You and Kuba compliment each other well!

Rebecca Temple says:

Looks nice

Telluwide says:

Will you get a mini fridge or table space? Have you considered making your bed somewhat foldable or hideable to give you more space for sitting? Nice to watch your progress. Keep up the good work!

yujanet says:

The carpet is such a great choice. Thoroughly enjoying watching your van build and can’t wait to see the end result. You’re making really quick progress!

Vera-Ann van den Berg says:

The two of you work well together, it’s great to watch !

audgester says:

Love it!

djjerome says:

The carpet came out good. I’m just wondering what you will do with the orange covering on the back and side windows. Are you going to peel the covering off and maybe put tinting up or just leave the windows clear?

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