Carpeting the Chicken Run

Trying to repair past damage and prevent future damage in my main chicken run by using a deep bedding system, which is on a slope making things tough.

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Angela Baumbach says:

it should attract more bugs for the chickens to eat!

Adventure Hawk says:

Chicken runs on contours

Walt Lars says:

if you need more headers check out tree stakes at local home impovement store some are Pressure treated some are not make your own choice they are about 2 or 3 inches diameter and 8 or 12 feet in length cut to size needed

Brian Milde says:

I believe your coop has a ramp up to the door, sorry if I’m wrong. Why not fill the low end until filled to the bottom of the door.

Kirsten Whitworth says:

The problems are the solution. It looks like it will do the trick; I love it and hope it works well for you.

Blooms and Threads says:

Love it! I have the same problem. This should work. Thanks

Rich Mountains says:

Thats a Great Idea.
btw..John Stossel sounds just like you,
maybe roll up the carpeting once in awhile and let the chickens get the Earwigs

lifgrenj says:

It’s a shame you didn’t put your run on the contour, then the chickens would help you level out the ground. We had a large chicken yard that was on about the same slope as your run. We added all kinds of bags of leaves, grass clippings, etc. at the top and the chickens slowly pulverized it and moved it down the slope and eventually leveled it out. This was without conscious thought on our part, were were amazed at the results.

euphony745 says:

You seem to make things pretty hard on yourself. Perhaps designing everything around the dimensions of a wheel barrow? And a chicken run that is at least 6 ft tall?

Dennis Leadbetter says:

i think you will find they will rearrange your efforts quite quickly. You might find putting some chicken wire over your mulch, fixed to your sleepers will solve the problem.
Will be interesting to see what happens.

bigh650 says:

do the work – cool idea
be well

Tumba says:

that’s a nice spot there

Dara Martin says:

Great concept! I think you’re on to something.

athaclanor says:

Squirrels are a harvest, bet they taste real good, or at the very least would help a tree if buried near the roots. Also why not dump a whole load of stuff at the top of the run, and let them do the work.

Rusted Oak Homestead says:

Deep litter chicken terraces… I can dig it

Andrea Wisner says:

Chicken obstacle course.

Farmergirl of Chickens says:

Pretty neat idea. I have a similar situation down a path through the woods next to 200 year old oaks. I think this will help tremendously.

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