Carpeting the CELLAR PROJECT

Time to get the cellar project back on the road. Day 2 sees the carpet going in and we are all set for the workstation build!



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Kella LaFaire says:

If there’s any chance at all for moisture, why put down carpet again? Why not do a tile of some kind like a mosaic flagstone that can hide imperfections in the floor and can withstand moisture?

Time Table says:

When you can’t staple the pad Edges down you need to leave a little gap between the tack strip and pad. What can happen is as you kick it the pad kicks over the strips….

Mike Shipman says:

Why not glue a couple of layers of underlay to your knee kicker, that should make it more bearable?

John Coloe says:

Oh, what we do for family. You’re a good man Tim.

By the way, you’re your own worst critic. The carpet looks great! I’m sure your sister-in-law is thrilled and is very grateful for all your hard work.

Cath Connolly says:

Not able to find the painting of the cellar you mentioned it does not appear in the videos

Jane Drewel says:

Another great video. You are amazing thanks.

Laserdreams with Baseley09 says:

Great vid keep up the good work

Time Table says:

We glue pad down. It’s called pad glue. Lol

Connor Harradine says:

I am your new subscriber

stgreen78 says:

Dessicant (spelling?…I don’t do the spells) is usually silica gel crystals … same stuff as the little “don’t eat me” packets in jerky. Interesting fact…there’s also a dessicant canister attached to air conditioner system in cars:)

SpiderHack says:

@193 views, and I just want to give you the required: “Where is the van videos” comment 😉

Neil Farrell says:

Hey Tim, great video and I’m glad your knees made it through! I’m just curious about what you’ll do along the bottom of the walls. Are you planning on standard skirting or just a bead/trim tacked on?

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