Carpeting Plants LIVE…BEST and the WORST Carpeting plants for your planted aquarium

Today I am going to do a quick live stream on Carpeting Aquarium Plants. Everyone is always asking me. “How do I get a carpet?” I want a carpet…. This is how it’s done.

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Geoff Cook says:

Hey Dustin, I enjoyed this!

Donna Kate Morgan says:

Missed it again

Alberto Ramos says:

Carpet plants no CO2 please….

Ella Gregory says:

Yes I enjoyed it.

shawn craib says:

Thanks man just started cycling my tank I have a general idea of plant layout but I didn’t have a anything at the front but now I think i might crypt the font.

poeciloteria says:

Why the fuck are you wearing a winter hat inside the house? Fucking pleb

Jeff fishman says:

I havent seen much talk on this subject . Lets say if you have ick or any kind of bacteria or fungus . No one talks about sterilization of using items like nets or a gravel tube and tubing . How in the world can u sterilize a gravel tube with tubing . You cant boil it . It would melt. The problem is you cant put a infected tool in the same tank or another tank . So how do u disinfect a gravel washer?

david w says:

second question; what lights would i need to turn limno aromatica red?

david w says:

hey dustin, is there any trick to val? ive tried corkscrew and itallian val a few times now, and every time i do they just melt away and never come back. i dont bury the bulb thing, and i even put a root tab directly under them. do they require certain water parameters?

The Indian Fishkeeper says:

Java moss the best. Btw good presentation

Felix Camero says:

Keep it up Dustin wo

Felix Camero says:

Hey Dustin I have a question. I have dwarf hair grass..I just threw it in a 10g bowl and it just took over and got really anyoing. And I didn’t really take care of the tank I just threw in a dirted and partial sunlight. Pure luck or was I doing something right? Idk

Joyce Wolan says:

damm missed it live

Timothy Lowther says:

Smack!! I just subscribed to Dustin’s channel and missed a live stream! Well, I am getting ready to set up my first “dirt” tank using Organic Miracle Grow topped with pool filter sand. It’s a 125 gallon and will be low tech. I am thinking Dwarf Sag for a carpet or possibly chain sword.

Albany Aquatics & Aquariums says:

Another great live stream Dustin. Thanks!

Caleb Gonseth says:

Yo whats up on that 300 gallon yu got were that at im excited trying to get mine now. happy new year d boy

Zingo89 says:

I enjoyed this! Alot of good and useful info, Im happy u gave crypt parva some love, this is a really under-rated plant in my opinion. And I like that u mention how hard it is to make hair grass and dwarf baby tears happy

mark kilpatrick says:

hayDustin, i have enjoyed this. an i have learned a lot thank you.

Dustin's Fish Tanks says:

Thanks for the love on this video…Here is a better video where I show some of these plants (3:00 mark)

Bibin augustin says:

I used 3 carpetting plants check this video

Alberto Ramos says:


Alberto Ramos says:

Best carpet plant no CO2 20 gal please

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