CARPETING Green Star Polyps {GROWTH TIPS!!}, Manhattan Aquarium

Sharing what I learned as I grew out my Green Star Polyps (GSP) carpet in the reef aquarium. Also join me on my visit to NYC’s Manhattan Aquarium!

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StraitClownin909 says:

I love the trips!

Eric Robertson says:

which light is that on gsp tank? kessil 700ish?

Nick Mcalpin says:

High powered laser, kill it at the edges.

Alex's Reef says:

Sing brother sing! Let’s get a video of just you singing in front of a tank. With fade in and outs of the corals from the tanks.

reef guy 92 says:

If u ever use the razor blades be careful of them because here in the UK they are normally have a coat of oil on them to keep them fresh and stop them rusting but I’m not sure how they are over there

Zachary Holmes says:

Maybe you could get a filefish, because it is known to eat GSP, but you have to be careful because they might have a taste for zoas. You should wait until ur local LFS has one that doesn’t eat zoas, but eats GSP. It also attacks aptasia

Raymond Sim says:

The polyps from the GSP growing vertically does not seem as extended as the one growing horizontally.. any idea why? it is the light? or the flow?

landon coffey says:

Are those just average metal tweezers you’re using? I get worried about using metal in the tank but should I not worry at all u think?

Seth Williams says:

Nuce frag

IcarusCAE says:

Any kind of superglue will work? Or is this some special type?

Freeyourmind says:

Maybe you could make a thick kalk paste and kill some of them off.
I’ve read that it kills just about anything it comes into contact with. Maybe put a test piece in a separate container and see if it works.

Cameron Everard says:

May I suggest something? Maybe glue the rock to the back acrylic wall… and have the rock scape “floating” if you know was i mean. That way you dont have to worry about it attatching to the rocks…

Ryan, Maccallum says:

What if you lifted up the rock like ,3/4inch and put it on small pieces of small clear acrylic tubes so the gsp grows under the rock and can’t touch it. I don’t think it will grow as fast when it goes under the rock and it will only touch the tubes. It will slow down on the growth cause it wound have the light or the flow! Just a thought , great video . Always look forward to your videos!!!

Cold freeze says:

Looks like a grass!! Wow you have come a long way for this! Anways you could try hairy mushroom, it will look nice, will blend well with the grass look and yes prevent gsp from crawling up. Hoping to see “leave” part as the last time it was frogspawn. So ya Im hope it will look awesome! Good job!

SC Reefer says:

AWESOME UPDATE. What were you popping on and off the lens? Also, Were you filming with a cell phone?

Nick Shaw says:

Hi I know this is a longshot but worth a try it’s a comment on an old video you made about your Golden Torch I am new to the hobby about 3 months 4 months I had fresh water before for many years and moved house sold everything few years later got into marine Golden Torch just died last night to the same thing as well Brown jelly such a shame. didn’t know if you had any more information about how this is caused or why

Fishy Snowman says:

NICE Video of Manhattan Aquarium …. Great job

dudesreef says:

That fish makes me want to add extra fish to my life #mochi is beautiful !

Jaedos says:

Hey Inappropriate reefer! reef squad here, give my website some love!

Reef Gaming says:

Have you tried mighty magnet for acrylic tank

Michael Whang says:

Best thing would be to remove the structure on the upper level temporarily and peel off all the gsp above and transfer to the lower level. Carpet upper level with whatever you want—zoas, palys, lps, etc. and leave gsp below.

JJ007 says:

Good morning bro, how is your experience in Manhattan aquarium??? I’m just minutes away from that location, I never have my chance too visit that please, too bz family ,work NY, and go back too NJ too my family at night…….

Christopher Boykin says:

YOURE 19?! I gave me the 22 vibe

Mathew Yerian-French says:

#hardcorereefsquad like always I love watching your videos every week

American Reefing says:

Great video as always man love the channel

hugo rosales says:

Whenever you come to Los Angeles let’s meet up!! I’ll take you to the best place for us reefers

Mighty Nano Tank says:

This is strangely satisfying to watch the carpet of GSP being scrapped off the back wall haha. Looks like you have a new project going on in the drop-off tank too with the coral skeleton. Neato!

Evan Eversole says:

What kind of angler was that or frog?

Sam McGee says:

please e mail me and tell me what that fantastic fish is I want one
!! The one in your hand !

Nemanja Mijatovic says:

Very nice!

DunRanched 69 says:

U ever think about selling the frags to subs maby at a cheaper cost to keep them coming because some might not hv a access to get these


I thought that place was closed I went by and saw a lot of construction outside and next too it. Good to know that is open for sure in my next trip to NYU I’ll stop by

Jim Lahey says:

Oh my god, Just keep the camera filter on.

André Zoio says:

Your tank seems to be bending on the side check minute 17m15s off your video.

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