Carpeting a Subwoofer Box w/ Super 77 & Latex Backed Carpet / How To Wrap Bandpass Speaker Enclosure

A nice and basic video on how I carpeted the bandpass box using Super 77 spray glue with latex backed carpet from Parts Express. Despite my dull blades, it worked like a charm! Thumbs Up For More!! 🙂

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Music By: Flaming Beats
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Bunbun vlogs says:

some amps racks and side trims will look rally good 🙂

troy ruark says:

Hey exo love your video’s add some dyno mat
That would cut some of the vibration.
Anyway it’s badass

DieselPunk Cummins says:

Excellent video as always man. 

KreativeCuts says:

dude were you just on yahoo news ?

JJonescaraudio1 says:

where do find this carpet plz???

Ryan Tittle says:

Love all your videos bro great work

Nicholas Bassaholic says:

Don’t the amps vibrate, how do you stop that?

Tim Johnson says:

the box looks killer, nice work.

Pablo Calderon says:

hey EXO i would love to watch a demo vid with the impala playin “i luv it” by young jeezy.. my car goes all whammy with that one.. PLEAASEEE

Marcos Lopez Jr says:

Exo I’m trying to add a 2nd battery to my system any tips or guides?? I got one 12 W6 on a tweeked 600watt Rockford Fosgate

dcrock28 says:

Great video!! How did you desiderata port back? Have you tried facing forward? Just curious never messed with fourth order boxes. Lol

Damien Nicholas says:

maybe talk them into walling off the back seat so you can properly port the box into the cabin of the vehicle for their next install… but it looks good brother. I didn’t even notice that seam till u said something. and still didn’t notice it after the install was done.

QuadFeed says:


Chad Bear Jr says:

Paint the port white

Ipan Jakhapy says:


Alexandre says:

Precisa cortar o pelo do suvaco…..kkkkk

AWK! says:

“Trimdimulous!” For ease of installation of the carpet piece around the port, trace the port onto that carpet piece first and then cut the perfect circle out if it. This will eliminate the need for the barely noticeable but still annoying flap.

Love your work!

Christopher Davidson says:

Ct sounds baby! Nice video!

sebo theman says:

paint it white so it will match the amps

Mike Wismer says:

Why fire the box back and not forward?

ps says:

Eww, armpit hair dude! You started to shave your beard and tats cool but pleaaase shave em armpits before you do a vid with yo shirt off

bradley powell says:

would you share the build specs on that enclouse? I’ve got a nice access point in my rear deck where a safety kit goes. that port firing thru it would work perfect. thanks and as always great vid

Flexin Five Hundred says:

Hey EXO, what is the ported portion tuned to? The length and diameter of the port would suggest pretty high. High 30’s I’m guessing?

footsoldier420 says:

hey that’s awesome man you always do great work on your stuff , I’m sorry for that last comment on your build of this , your video always makes me think I’m miss something when I watch them , then when i watch it again I realize you already put all the stuff on screen lol once again I’m sorry for the stupid question man .

TheAndruxa83 says:

face port the front of the car.

TeamBassBlazer says:

Nice work exo! keep it up man!

Jibbin Cat says:

I have a question. I want to be able to mount my amps on my box and seats without drilling holes in any of it. Is there any sticky Velcro or anything like that, that I can do this with?

Jason Freeman says:

Awesome job on the carpet. You make it look way to easy. But I’m kinda disappointed!!! You didn’t do your signature weird noises at the end. We demand a redo! Lmao keep up the great work. Love watching your vids.

hispls says:

Looking good, man.  You going to be in Laconia next weekend with that box?

as3k one says:

Looks pretty good man

William Blackburn says:

i like your videos EXO always helpful and professional

Josh Ianneillo says:

I am waiting for the comments that say (Don’t mount your amp on the box) Look either way mounted on the box or your trunk some where there is always gonna be vibrations so it doesn’t mater and i have mounted amps to sub boxes and have never had a problem. Great work tho +EXOcontralto Looks great man

Michael Wood says:

Would 2 12s on 2k rms be safe to run with big 3 on stock bat and alt?

Leon Solomon says:

You make it seem so easy. Damn good video

ThatMazdaRanger says:

Hey, EXO, how many ohms is your back?? xD

PSE Mentalist says:

Excellent job Exo looking dang good

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