bottom step carpeting


antn1b says:

Is this a genuine attempt at fitting a bullnose?

Nick Benn says:

that looks awful a bullnose should always be done in 2 pieces to stop it going baggy.

Eve P. says:

what a mess

bluewolfe96 says:

If your finishing the side like that then the full step should really be Cap nd Band. It looks crap if mixed and matched like this video. Also that’s a ton of staples someone else needs to remove. I personally nowadays use spray on cap nd bands as it reduces staple, pin marks on shoddy, cheap UK carpets with very little pile per square inch.

Ash M says:

Not gonna say anything but thanks for sharing.

Gavin Wheatley says:

Old way that looks dreadful

MrSkippylen says:

great vid,good camera angle just what i was looking for,gonna try this myself now,wish me luck.

johnny rotten says:

Cap and band. This looks sloppy and will go baggy. Put the tread on tuck and tack. Then the band and tuck the top of that too. Staple gun hahah. I watched my dad a master fitter for years growing up on the job with him. Proper craftsman and very skilled and although i cant hold a candle to the quality of his work i can recognise a cockney cowboy when i see one and dodgy work too and its in this video matey!! Also agree on the use of smoothedge on the bottom.

Lee Fitchett says:

That is not how u do it. That’s an old way of doing it,should be stitched.if ur using the gun staple under all of the nosing,much neater and tighter.snd if ur gonna staple the band at least do it between the pile.shoddy

tao ken says:

That was the 1st way to fit a Bullnose i was shown 25 yrs back ;), only difference was no electric gun 

groominguk says:

Great helpful vid. Thanks. made my bottom step look great.

ForestCat_Peter says:

This carpet looks very floppy, could you do it this way with a stiffer carpet?

googleboughtmee says:


andrew swan says:

that’s a  mess

Craig Nicholls says:

either cap and band it or hand sew. no in between.. :'(

Bruce Jackson says:

Now I know why it takes me 2 hours to take out all the staples ……

BrianC FloorFitter says:

Just awful, staple gun on carpets is just an easy way out. He has half an idea how to do it, but all he needs is like 8 nails and some spray glue, I agree with fitting the bottom step in one piece, its way tastier then two separate pieces, putting gripper around a nose is a no no for me, might make a video just to show how we do it in Ireland!

Your Flooring says:

why do you stick a piece behind the riser? just staple it to the wood so it looks flush and you should fold the edge would make it look much cleaner

Pro Fitterz says:

Fuckkkkkkin hell you messed it up

Paul Mann says:

What a fookin mess!

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