Best beginner carpeting plant? Crypt parva

Cryptocoryne parva- Crypt parva
height- 2″ average (4″ max, emersed)
Temp range 68-84/20-28
Light requirement- Low to Medium

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matthew smith says:

Love this plant, it’s the only crypt I’ve kept that didn’t melt at some point, did take a couple of years for me for it to fully fill in mind!

Bundyburger09 says:

Love the vet ranch t-shirt!
wonderful video, I should find out if we can get it in Australia, your favourite fish (not!) my kuhlis would love it.

Christopher Ballesteros says:

Do the pygmy corydoras come in Tan and silver colors? I have some tan and some silver are they the exact same species?

Sean Ryan says:

perfect timing I just bought 7 tanks!

Daniel Dulu says:

Last night I joined our local fish club. They all know you by the way from your YouTube channel. We had a speaker come to our meeting and he did a long talk on shrimp and the many diseases that afflict them. I was surprised to see that there was only 20 or so people there but that their annual auction brings quite a few more. Monday they are having a fish bowl aquascaping contest, should be interesting.

Saravana Raja says:

Hey Rachel love Ur videos.. need a tip from U.. im guppy amature breeder I got expensive imported guppy and breed .. all went well after some months.. some point of time all died with clamp fin .. i use 7 days old water for cleaning purpose .. i provide them good oxygen flow..i use almode leaf for balance ph level in water… i feed them daphnia and tube worms for them.. Im feedup now.. all died 🙁 I know some water proplem caused them but i couldnt find .. i need some tip how to take care the water quality for quality.. i need a tip for that.. my emailid here thanks for ur time Rachel.

Icey Turtletea says:

If you like small carpet plants like this, I suggesting trying Crypt Wenditii! It’s one of my favourite aquatic plants.



TemplarAce says:

+Rachel O’leary digging the support for Vet Ranch.

Corona Ken says:

Ditto on the plant spotlights. Very much appreciate the information and interesting to read comments of others experiences with spotlighted plants

Travion Bell says:

Can you species spotlight the vermillion goby/ scarlet goby

Jamie Berg says:

Love the plant species spotlights. Definitely keep it up! 🙂

Punky Pam says:

Rachel I have been calling my computer Captain cranky pants all weekend!!!

Matthew Zito says:

Stupid question … With a carpet of plants you obviously can’t vacuum the gravel … at least not without uprooting your plants. How does this effect the types and numbers of fish you’re able to stock?

lizzyanthus1 says:

I have pool filtration sand in my 55.  Do you think this, or well any plant, will do well in it?  I have Amazon Swords that I have had about 2 months and they are doing ok.  I made root tabs from Osmocote Plus, and have been putting them down in the sand a couple inches from the root zones.  (My other tanks have gravel in some and black diamond blasting sand in anotherl. It’s a low tech tank with low to moderate lighting.  Thanks Rachel, and wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos.  Very informative and fun.

Joanna Branch says:

Am I the only one that thinks it looks really adorable?

The Fishy Life ! says:

I think I have some of this but it sold as Crypt “lucens”? have you ever heard of that name before?

Shannon Talbott says:

I have some of this in my tank that was obviously grown emersed, 4+ inches when I planted it. It was for the foreground of my 5 gallon shrimp tank and I had to plant it in the background for now because I wasn’t expecting it to be so tall. I’m wondering how long it will take to look like this. It’s been over a month and it’s still half tall leaves with some shorter leaves growing in.

Fisch Liebe says:


Thomas Halecky says:

Just ordered a 75 gallon today!, so I plan on ordering some plants fRom you soon. Hope your memoRial day weekend was pleasant enough.

Fishy Snowman says:

Like the video. Love to see more videos on plants.

Marie-Christine says:

Vet ranch shirt! I love what they do. 🙂

A Betta Life says:

omg a vet ranch shirt! didnt know they had merch! They´re true bosses regarding stray animal care. they dont give up nobody!

Rui Pacheco says:

do you ship to Toronto Canada?

Makapo says:

Interesting, I’ve planted several species of crypt, always expecting crypt melt, but have never actually experienced it! Tissue cultured Crypt Wendtii really surprised my though, not the least bit of die back. Made me a believer in tissue culture plants.

TaUnc Fester says:

Yeah, ain’t that the truth. C. Parva in my tank has grown slower than my Anubias Nana. I fertilize with potassium and iron, doesn’t matter, high light or medium this plant does it’s own thing. Should be noted though, all crypts do best in substrates that are at least a few months if not a year old, they need healthy bacteria, mulm, and detritus.

RIPPER334 says:

Did all that come from one tissue culture?

Youn Kim says:

How long to get that partial carpet in the tank next to you?

Vicky B says:

Thank you! It’s so helpful when people are honest and say it’s slow so be patient. It’s also nice to see what the end result will be not just the single plant you’d be buying. I like to plant stuff but I don’t have much imagination for what things will look like!

Lauren says:

Cute lil plant

Crucelis Fajardo says:

thanks rachel!!! keep up the great vids

Jimmy H Fishes says:

very nice video..
thanks for sharing. …

skophidiam says:

This is great- thanks so much!

94110mission says:

Regarding the substrate, I use Eco Complete and found it’s so heavy or dense that it stops, or really slows down, my plants that send out runners. If I was building my tank from scratch, I would now use sand instead.

Julia C says:

I’m starting with live plants and was wondering if this specific plant will grow in just regular gravel?

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