An easy way of installing carpet in your bedroom with 3 easy to tools

Carpet installation


ufcsportswear says:

This guy is amazing, has done 17 of my homes, and i’ve never seen a bubble or grey dust develop on the edges. Amazing work, I see people on here complaining about how he doesn’t do things right, alls I got to say is ” WHY The hell you here watching these vids? you must need work. lmao OH BOY !! mad people I tell ya!

Rob k says:

You don’t need a power stretcher, how do you think they did it decades ago? The carpet will not ripple or be loose it will be fine for decades if treated well.

Kevin Graffis says:

you’re a fucking hack… you should always, and I mean always, use a power stretcher… it’s hacks like you that allow me to keep busy in the industry going around and re-stretching carpet you all fuck up

Scott osborne says:

Very experienced carpet installer! I’m impressed!

Chris & Leslie B says:

Are carpets the tile the same?? asking for a friend… wink wink

Go Get It says:

Nice video! Thanks for putting this content out

Stephen S says:

I can’t see – Stevie Wonder

Walker Jeffcoat says:

as you can see

Alex Cleroux says:

That’s not how you stretch carpet man. Could’ve cut all the cutting time with my wall trimmer come on man…

Abinga Hershey says:

Ouch! My knees, hips, and back hurts by just watching him kick in the carpet.

CW Rodriguez says:

always. always usually

Brian Grant says:

I am getting the Kneeless carpet stretcher lol

Kamran Masroor says:

This guy don’t know how install carpet.

James Clouse says:

*An easy way to explode your knees*

lbahr11 says:

Are you frign kidding me. Anyone that would try and kick in a room that size is a total hack. The only way to properly stretch a room that size is to use a power stretcher. Poor customer is going to have a room full of wrinkles in a month. You kick inside of closets only. The crap you find on you tube!

Marty Browning says:

Nice…never kick with your knife in your pouch!! Good way to get cut wide open! Also… Pull the doors!!

gabriel cain says:

Hahaha as you can seeeee

aaron northcott says:

Has no idea how to fit a carpet,

Bean says:

Yeah, I think I’ll let the company do it. Lol

Ebo 3 says:

As you can see your battery went dead

Idk says:

Doesn’t that hurt his knee?

DF USA says:

The poor man’s knees ok ??

Maan Kaiz says:

Tbh.u work fast but its totaly wrong for ur knees and also for carpet. If carpet is not thick it might rib with kicking hard.i m carpet one can starches like u bcoz its totally wrong.dont hurt urself just for vedio.u start wrong and strech into middle…can do from one corner to other corner

Eddie Jordan says:

Please ignore this supposed install! This guy is a helper at best! I own a flooring store and I wouldn’t hire this guy, he doesn’t use a stretcher, he uses a kicker! You will get wrinkles!! You use a trimmer for cutting down NOT A KNIFE!! HACK!!

Davidvida says:

This is not how you stretch carpet they going to have wrinkles in less then 6 months, I always use my power stretcher. And when he is trimming the edges he is lifting the carpet again. Not good installers.

Stania Paul says:

Doesn’t that hurt

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