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In This Video:
Today we talk all about carpeting aquarium plants. Here are my top 3 beginner carpet plants as well as my tips for how to grow a better carpet of pretty much any plant in you planted aquarium.

MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud

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KurtLawrence M. says:

how can you keep your tank algae free?

Darren Larson says:

I absolutely love this guy

deeptendu chandra says:

i planted 24 dwarf sag at the front of the tank. it’s been 7 days. it’s a garden soil substrate. how fast can i expect it to propagate?1

LongVietT says:

I have a few dwarf grass spreader out, but I feel like it’s growing way too slow. Is there any way I can boost the growth rate?

something to do about nothing says:

what is the large black spotted white fish that barley moved on the left side of the screen for the whole video? help pls

raizinhell1 says:

Second attempt at growing HC or dwarf baby tears. I have a standard 10 gallon aqueon tank with ada amazonia and power sand special small, 20lbs co2 tank setup. Now all I need are lights. Finnex ray2, Finnex planted plus 24/7 SE, Finnex planted plus 24/7, Fluval 2.0 Pro, Current USA Satellite plus Pro. Help, they all seem awesome but I want one thats the best for the Dwarf baby tear. Thanks!!

george marko says:

is the filter needed in this aquarium? and will these plants not cut off my fish’s fins ?

Jaxy Ocean says:

So, I’m thinking of growing plants in already established 55 gal tank with fish. Is this still possible? I mean I could take the fish out add nutrient rich soil, etc. And get this started without harming the fish? Because it seems I will need to take out the substrate thats in there right now. …. Just wanted to get an idea what Im in for, what kind of supplies I’ll need. Any suggestions or tips or links would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for your time! Btw, I enjoyed your video and like the work and what your doing!

Robert Strzelecki says:

Can you recommend a web page that sells moss.
They are limited in their selections on Amazon, ebay etc. I like Amazon because some have free shipping. The plants and moss the I want, are not on sale on the internet and/or the shipping charge is ridicules.

Lane Elder says:

Do you dirt your kiddy pools with dwarf sag

charles griffin says:

How do you vacuum the gravel then?

Finn Clk says:

Is 11w of lighting alright?

Golden1_1Dragon says:

Could dwarf plants survive water dragon bombardment of shit once a day

Lisa S says:

What kind of fish is the black and white one? Gorgeous whatever it is!

Victor DB2017 says:

great video… archer fish looks out of place here

Ryan Dawald says:

Hey man i know this video is 6 months old, but I had a question on your agrobrite fixtures on your 125 planted. How many bulbs did you end up using , and also did you keep using the 6400k ones they come with?

Jael J says:

Hey thanks for the vid! I have a 50 gallon hi tech planted tank, and have been slowly converting my 10 gallon to plants. Within the last week i have planted dwarf hair grass as a carpeting plant. I am also using the 24/7 finnex planted LED light, so my question is how happy are you with the light in regards to plants? I’ve never used LED before and was wondering long term your thoughts. Since i have it on a 10 gallon its quite a bit shallower than a 90 gallon. Thanks in advance 🙂 Also do you use the 24/7 settings or do you use it on a separate timer?

awong1975 says:

Great tanks..thanks for sharing…what is the name of the bushy groundcover plant in 13:24…is it blixen?

CHINO M says:

Also what substrate do you recomend? I was thinking about doing pool filter sand over eco-complete. Or some sort of black substrate to make the carpet extend better and stand out more..

Aquatic Life says:

Hey I’m trying to start my first planted tank. I subbed to you hopefully you can help me. Sub if you like back

zaggaona says:

too little light or too much nutrients so it demands more light. at least that’s the case with terrestrial plants

Fletcher Olsen says:

Were is a good fish shop that would do shipping to New Zealand

Adeline Dering says:

S. Repens was the first plant I ever got and it was the best. I think it looks amazing when it grows in! And I kept it in a small 5 gallon… I HIGHLY recommend it!

BlackHawk says:

Is s. repens perfect for shrimp ?

MikeeThe Gamer says:

Do you think I can grow dwarf sag with co2,fluorite gravel mixed with fluval stratum and a 6w led in my 3 gal?

James Moore says:

just want to say thanks I was really having a hard time finding carpet plants that are easy to grow

Bibin augustin says:

I have dwarf hair grass
It is growing
But what’s growing more is hair alge
Plz help me

Orlito Canlas says:

Yow bro! just wondering. If I ordered from Amazon will it come like the video that you showed? will it come with soil and everything? or I should still buy some? Thank you! more power to your channel.

Silver Fawn says:

hi i am looking to plant an axolotl tank. what plants do you suggest for a cold water, low light aquarium?

Dara Russum says:

I love how his fish follow him around

Mitchell Zurick says:

What do you use under the small rocks (8:00) to help the plants grow? Or are the rocks the active substrate?

Tom Presson says:

what is that beautiful large white fish with the black dapple spots?

Kish B says:

i ordered “fescue” seeds on ebay, have you ever tried them?

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